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Gillette Gun Club 2022 Summer Trap League

·        All team members must be current members of the Gillette Gun Club

·        Teams will consist of 5 members plus two alternates. Members may be on more than one team. If team substitutions are made after classification date and that sub is higher class by known ability than the team, team could be moved to a higher class.

·        League will be 14 weeks divided into 7 week halves. The first half will be May 16th - Jun 29th. Second half starts July 11th ends August 24th. League scores will be shot Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 1pm - 7pm. You may shoot practice at this time if the traps are not full of teams shooting for score.  The club is open for practice daily 7am to sunset. The week of July 4th is an off week (5th-7th) Once the second half starts, no make up for the first half will be allowed. Your team is required to have 5 scores recorded for each of the 14 weeks. If a team doesn't complete all 7 weeks of each half, they will forfeit. Please don't get behind as it becomes very difficult to make up multiple weeks.

·       Shooters may shoot ahead, but not until the half start, second half starts July 11th. 

·        Cost of league is UNDER REVIEW per 5 member team. Individuals may pay UNDER REVIEW each. Full payment must be made before a members scores will posted. Payment must be received before scores will be posted. These fees include prize fees. NO REFUNDS.

·        50, 16 yard targets will be shot per week,  the first 4 weeks will establish the classes. Please make every effort to stay current so that we can make classifications ASAP. The number of classes will depend on the number of teams. Your team can all shoot together or individually. It is your responsibility to know what week you are shooting for. Scores will be posted for the earliest week needing a score.

·        Teams winning both halves will be class winners. Teams winning only one half will be involved in a shoot off to establish the class champion. All teams will get a point for each week. If there are 6 teams in a class, the high score that week will be awarded 6 points, the second high score will receive 5 and on down to the 6th team getting one point. Points will be tallied for each half and the high point team will be the winner of that half. Prizes will be awarded to 5 members of the winning team. It will be up to each team to determine who receives the prizes. The club does not award prizes to alternates. Please shoot honest scores. League is intended to be fun and fair for everyone. IF your team is caught sandbagging you will be moved to a higher class or disqualified.

·        Management will be responsible for posting the weekly scores and score sheets will be available for inspection if questions arise.

·        Reloads may be shot if they conform to ATA specifications. Specs are; 7 ½ or smaller shot, 1 1/8 oz. shot max. & not to exceed 1290 fps for 12 gauge loads. 1 oz. & 7/8 oz. loads may exceed 1290 fps.

·        The Gillette Gun Club reserves the right to modify these guide lines to deal with issues that may come up during the course of the league.

·        All team members are expected to use proper TRAP SHOOTING ETIQUETTE AND FIREARM SAFETY.

·        It would be helpful if the team members would use shell bags to capture spent hulls and dispose of them if  not being saved. This will help in the clean up of the traps at the end of the day.











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